Features of London’s Most Luxurious Real Estate

London’s luxurious real estate is known to provide some of the most exquisite interiors and décor as well as a wide range of amenities to satisfy the most discerning high-end buyers.

But the perfect luxurious home is also one that provides features that help its owner enjoy the ultimate living experience.

Wondering what some of those features are?

  1. Specification

Top of the list is undoubtedly specification.

Interior design and the clever use of quality materials will create a luxurious finish whilst providing a high end feel to apartments. A combination of natural products and thoughtful space planning is often what separates one development from another. Goldenstone’s design led approach differentiates from many of its competitors by adopting a considered design ethic to its schemes.

  1. Convenient Location

A convenient location is one of the most important features of luxurious real estate. At Goldenstone, we understand the fact that luxury home buyers value their time in the highest regard. This is why our properties are found in some of the most connected and accessible locations.

For example, The Old Dairy, which is located in Bloomsbury, does not just feature high-end interior and décor but will also provide you with all the necessary amenities at your doorstep- from schools, libraries, and museums to restaurants. It is also located in Zone 1 London and is minutes from major underground stations.

  1. Perfect View and Natural Surrounding 

The opulence of the perfect home is not restricted to its high-end interior. It also provides the homeowners with a perfect view and natural surrounding which comes in handy when they wish to relax in the nice weather.

Oakley Gardens, which is located on the outskirts of Hampstead, perfectly ticks this box, as enjoying the visual splendour of a beautiful natural surrounding becomes part of your everyday life. Not to mention that Hampstead also boasts a number of beautiful parks such as Golders Hill Park and the Hill Garden & Pergola where you can relax or have a nice walk.

  1. Safety and Security 

Safety and security are features which cannot be overemphasised especially when it comes to luxury real estate. The comfort and aesthetic appeal which luxurious properties commonly provide are great but knowing your family and all your belongings are in total security make it even better.

At Goldenstone, safety and security are key features of all our properties. Whether you choose The Old Dairy, The Osborn Apartments or Oakley Gardens, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that these luxurious properties are located in safe environments.

The perfect luxury real estate is one that matches your unique needs and provides the ultimate living experience. If you have any queries regarding any of our properties you can contact us for more information.

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