Virtual Tours Of New Build Homes In London

For people looking to acquire real estate, new build homes in London tend to be the best option, as they come ready-to-move-into, without having to deal with any of the issues that come with having had a previous occupier.

Some other advantages of new-build homes today generally include better insulation thanks to advancing technology and higher energy efficiency. The appliances within the home, being unused, can also be expected to last longer and provided better value for your money as well as manufacturers guarantees.

If you are considering new build homes in London, you will have quite a few options.

At Goldenstone, however, we have developed a range of developments that provide accessibility to the crucial areas of the city, along with the requisite level of luxury, at competitive market prices.

Take a Virtual Tour Of New Build Homes In London

Our portfolio includes properties located in London’s prime areas including Oakley Gardens in Hampstead, The Old Dairy in Bloomsbury, and The Osborn Apartments in Spitalfields.

If you would like to see these properties for yourself without having to leave the comfort of your home or office, you can now achieve this by taking one of our virtual tours.

The Osborn Apartments – Take The Tour

For buyers looking to reside in cosmopolitan areas that embody London’s modern lifestyle, The Osborn Apartments are a perfect fit.

Located on Osborn Street, The Osborn Apartments put you in close proximity to London’s financial ‘Square Mile’, Bank, Monument, Liverpool Street and Canary Wharf, making it a prime location for professionals from business sectors from tech to banking and legal.

Oakley Gardens – Take The Tour

If you’re looking to escape the daily rush of London’s vibrant city life, Oakley Gardens are made for you. Located right on the edge of Hampstead, Oakley Gardens boast contemporary architecture and luxuriously designed interiors with a very serene environment. The beautiful mature trees surrounding the homes will appeal to the aesthetic sense of all nature lovers and satisfy the need for privacy.

The Old Dairy – Take The Tour

For intellectuals seeking a quiet environment with easy access to London’s bustling center, The Old Dairy is calling out to you. Located in Bloomsbury, London’s intellectual and literary hub, The Old Dairy provides easy access to some of the most prestigious schools and colleges in the UK, making it comfortable for students and academics.

Secure a Spot In The Best New Build Homes In London

At Goldenstone we have created the perfect new build homes for people who are looking for luxury and serenity within London.

If you would like to learn more you can contact us for more information.