The Future of New Build Homes in London

New-build homes in London are gradually popping up across the town. One place, in particular, is the Oakley Gardens. Oakley Gardens is a development project scheduled to be completed by the third quarter of this year.

This exclusive collection of apartments and townhouses is in the area of Hampstead. It showcases the beauty and minimalism of contemporary architecture, coupled with the modernism of the property as present day amenities have been built in: for example, the safe & secure underground parking.

The property offers a variety of 1 to 3 bedroom apartments giving you the option of a single or couple’s dwelling or one with enough space to raise a family.

The interior of the apartments and townhouses feature large windows and high ceilings which accentuate the spacious rooms.

The well-appointed kitchens open up to the living and dining room area giving a very homely and intimate feel for those days and nights when you’re cooking​for friends & family.

The bathrooms in these new-build homes in London are marbled and tiled, featuring brass finishes such as the taps, shower-heads and switches on some of the apartments and townhouses; whilst others feature stainless steel fixtures.

The collective modernism makes the entire property look so fresh and neat that over time, you won’t get bored with your own apartment or townhouse.

Finally, the exterior: it opens up to the energy of the metropolis while still giving you a very relaxed and cosy environment. With French patio doors opening up to a balcony, terrace or garden, you can enjoy a nice morning read of the newspaper or a book as the breeze wafts in.

As these new-build homes in London continue to progress, we will continue to keep you updated on new information about the apartments and townhouses.

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